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INVEST IN MUTUAL FUNDS Is now made easy with Maitra

Now you can start SIP or Invest in MUTUAL FUNDS
in few clicks online.

Benefits of Investing With Maitra Commodites

Zero Paperwork

Seamless on-boarding, quick and simple

360 ° Portfolio Monitoring

Get your existing portfolio in a jiffy

Safe and secure

Bank Grade Security

Zero Fees

We charge nothing from our Customers

Dedicated Wealth Advisor

Handpicked best Mutual Funds for you


Hours of hard work to ensure your money works for you

Discover MUTUAL FUNDS on Maitra

Invest Towards Goals

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Emergency Fund

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Investment for Children

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Wealth Building

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Retirement Planning

Making Mutual Fund Investments

  • Simple
  •   Transparent
  •   Accessible

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Power of SIP Calculator

Use this calculator to see how small investments made at regular intervals (SIPs) can grow to a large figure over a period of time with power of compounding.

GOAL SIP Calculator

Plan for your Goals by using this calculator to determine the monthly SIP investments you need to make to reach a particular goal.

SWP Regular Income Calculator

SWP helps you get a fixed amount every month. Use this Calculator to plan for your post-retirement and other regular monthly income needs.



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